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Why Wahooh?FeaturesMedia AgenciesPublishersContact

Outdoor campaign planning simplified

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Clear visualization

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Engage with your audiences by connecting and blending data from multiple data sources.

Extensive selection

  • 12+ publishers
  • 55k+ objects
  • 1 platform

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Wahooh SaaS Solution

Wahooh Media is a technology company building AdTech software to plan and manage visually supported data-driven OOH campaigns. Enabling access to every OOH asset type and publisher combined with enhanced geographic, point-of-interest and audience affinity segmentation filters on object level.

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Engage with your audience by planning an OOH campaign using extensive data sources for locations, point of interests or audiences combined into 1 platform.


The campaign selections are directly projected onto a map. Making OOH campaign planning more transparent and informative.


The campaign selection results are easy to export. Just the click of a button and you can share these with the publishers and your customers.

We’re there for media agencies

Wahooh helps agencies enable their teams to create smarter outdoor advertising campaign plans. The platform makes it easier and faster to plan, target and optimize OOH campaigns by connecting publisher locations with geographic, POI and audience affinity segmentations. Maximizing the full potential of location data.

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We’re there for publishers

Wahooh helps publishers enable their sales teams create smarter proposals and pitches. The platform helps translating the clients campaign briefings into proposals and pitches based on data combining the publisher’s OOH portfolio and geographic, POI and audience affinity segmentation data. Creating new business opportunities by maximizing the full potential of the publisher’s portfolio.

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Outdoor campaign planning simplified

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